February 22, 2020

AKG Announces A Trio Of Professional Studio Headphones For The U.K. Market

AKGs new professional headphone range is made up three models, the K175, a closed-back design with 40mm drivers; the K245, a semi-open design with 50mm drivers; and the K275, a closed-back design with 50mm drivers.

Designed especially for musicians and audio professionals on the go, the three new headphones from AKG are the first headphones in their class to offer a foldable design which means great sound quality in a highly portable form factor. All three models feature an innovative three-axis, all-metal hinge design, which means they’re ideal for popping in a travel bag where regular studio headphones probably wouldn’t fit.

“Musicians, producers, and engineers need durable, high-quality studio headphones that can keep up with the demands of today’s mobile lifestyle,” said Peter Chaikin, Director, Recording Solutions at HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The new AKG K275, K245, and K175 foldable studio headphones are designed to be used where other studio headphones can’t, offering unmatched sound quality for mixing, monitoring and creating music, and the durability you need for years on the road. AKG foldable studio headphones are the first headphones in their class with a foldable design.”

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The K275 and K245 models have extra large 50mm drivers which means that they can provide greater low-frequency extension and detailed bass reproduction. The K175 model is an on-ear design with largest-in-class, 40mm drivers. AKG claims that all three models offer superb clarity and detail, making it easier to create mixes that translate well across different playback systems. All models have high sensitivity and low impedance, delivering maximum output before distortion kicks in, even when playing music from lower-powered mobile devices such as smartphones.

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With self-adjusting headbands and floating ear cups, the new headphones should be comfortable to wear as well as fitting correctly. Slow-retention foam ear pads should provide a comfortable and secure fit that hopefully will ensure optimal bass extension and prevent any sound from leaking out and annoying the person sat next to you in the aircraft or train. AKG K275 and K175 use a closed-back design so they’re ideal for live recording and monitoring, while K245 is a semi-open design that is ideal for editing and mixing.

AKG claims that all critical parts of the headphone design is metal, including the hinges. The designers have conducted extensive testing, including extreme drop tests, an 80,000-bend-cycle test for cables, and a driver stress test that ensures the headphones will stand up to heavy use. Also, the headphone cable is replaceable so if it gets accidentally damaged, the user can replace it easily at low cost.

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