February 21, 2020

Using a New Accounting System? Here’s How You Should Train Your Staff

payroll software

As your business grows and evolves, you are expected to make key changes to keep up with your company’s growth. For instance, if you have been using a payroll software designed for startups, you obviously need to upgrade to one that can keep up with your business growth.

However, how do you figure out if your staff is ready for a new and improved payroll software? Do you base it on the reports sent? The feedback you get? And more importantly, how do you train your staff to use the new accounting software properly and with ease? You’ll find the answers to those questions and more in this article.

payroll software

The key role your employees can play in your company’s success cannot be overstated. However, for your staff to be able to contribute to your success properly, they need to be equipped with all they need to perform their tasks efficiently and accurately.

Keep in mind that while fast and massive growth can be great for your business, it can also be stressful for you and your staff if you are not prepared to keep up with the  massive evolution and growth.

Stay on top of things by ensuring you have the best tools and software available and your staff are properly trained to use them accordingly. That being said, below are some beneficial tips that can help you prepaid your staff when using a new accounting software:

Opt for a user friendly software

To help you save a significant amount of time on training, pick an accounting software that’s easy to use and navigate. By choosing an accounting software that’s user-friendly and intuitive, you’ll not only be able to save time, you can also rest assured you’ll be able to train employees effectively.

Also, when an accounting software is user friendly, it is easier for the first batch of trainees to pass their knowledge to new hires if there are any. As a general rule of thumb, avoid payroll software that are highly technical and complicated.

payroll software

You can also warrant an easier transition to the new system if you will pick a software that’s easy to use. Make sure to also test your staff’s knowledge and skills first before allowing them to use the system on their own.

Highlight the software’s benefits

One way to get your staff excited about the change in software is to inform them what they stand to gain. Give them an overview of the product and let them know what software is capable of and how it can help them. Knowing the benefits will not only excite them, it will also help capture their interest so they’ll be willing to learn how to use it.

Pick a vendor who offers staff training

Another surefire way to make training easy for your staff is choosing a vendor that offers free training. Vendors with a training team can help provide effective training and can provide tips, tricks, and insights on how your staff can use the software to achieve the results you are looking for.

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